Waiting to Bloom

Written by Brittany, Delta Psi Secretary

I can hardly believe it is almost time for my Senior Vocal Recital!  It seems like just yesterday I was a freshman, not quite sure what I was doing, but loving every minute of it.

I have so many memories in the Marian Acree Tucker Hall… In fact, some of my closest friendships began in the Music Building. I cannot begin to explain the countless late nights of beating out the rhythm to Sight Singing exercises, trying to find the perfect chord progression for a Music Theory assignment, and possibly even a few moments of pure delirium from late nights and early mornings of studying.

Beyond the friendships and study sessions, I’ve also discovered some pretty amazing professors in the Music Department.  Dr. Brown, our piano professor, showed me musical abilities I didn’t even realize I had.  I learned to play pieces under his instruction that looked absolutely impossible when I first began.

Dr. Hansard, an adjunct professor, opened my eyes to a new level of doing things well.  She has inspired me with her wealth of knowledge in the upper level music classes I’ve taken from her, and I know she could probably answer any musical question I could think of to ask.  She also cares about her students a great deal—I’ve had the opportunity to sit and have a cup of tea in her office from time to time, and she’s always quick to ask how things are going, listen, and help in any way she can.

Dr. Johnson never ceases to amaze me with his “friends in high places”  his qualifications are no small accomplishment, and though this is only my second semester under his instruction as Choir and FAITH director, I have really enjoyed being a part of our ensembles.

Last but certainly not least, Dr. Betty is my main professor as a voice student, and I have to say that she has been absolutely amazing every step of the way.  I remember coming to audition during Scholarship Day—how could I forget the what she said to me that day:  “You’re like a flower, just waiting to bloom, and I see a lot of potential.”  Dr. Betty has stuck with that statement all four years of my college musical career, and I’m so glad she did.  If I would have known as a freshman that I would be performing 20 songs in my senior recital to complete my final goal for my Music Major, I might have taken off running in the opposite direction.  Dr.  Betty has believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, made me laugh when I’ve been frustrated, and kept me in line when I didn’t know what I was doing.

My Senior Vocal Recital is March 5, 2013, and thanks to the faith and encouragement of my Judson Music Professors, I’m not like the freshman version of me, just wanting to run the other direction.  Yes, of course I’m nervous (who wouldn’t be?), but I dare say I’m also excited, and I can only hope to live up to the blooming flower Dr. Betty envisioned 4 years ago.

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Officer’s Blog


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Music, classes and traditions are a few words to describe life here at Judson College. However, there is more to music, classes, and traditions; for instance, there are fraternities. Hello readers! I am April Brown, Director of Publicity for Delta Psi Judson College chapter of Delta Omicron. I am a double major with Religious Studies and Music, active in the Senior Class, A-BOARD, and music ensembles and several other campus activities. Currently, I am working on my senior voice recital that is to be held in the spring. However, I do not want this to be about me; I want you to know a little bit about each officer of Delta Psi and what they do around campus.

The President is Jessca Weller, a current double major in Music and Psychology, an active member of Campus Ministries, treasurer of the Judson College Ambassador, FAITH, and Judson Singers. Along with campus activities, Jessca plays for Cleveland Mills Church on Sunday mornings.  Jessca has an ambition of going into counseling and being a foreign missionary. At the moment, Jessca is working on her junior piano recital which is to be held in the spring.

Brittany Hall, our Secretary, is working for a double major in Music and English. Brittany is involved in several areas on Judson’s campus; she is the President of the Judson College Ambassadors, member of Sigma Tau Delta, FAITH, Judson Singers, a Judson Blogger, and a Resident Assistant for the senior dorm.  Currently, Brittany is excited to be preparing her Senior Voice Recital, which is scheduled for the spring semester.

Brittany Duke, the Treasurer, is working towards a Nursing Major, Psychology Major, and Music minor. She is a current member of FAITH and Judson Singers. Along with keeping up with classes, Brittany is a Resident Advisor for the senior dorm.

Kaylee Crenshaw, the Co-Historian, an Art Major and Music Minor. Kaylee is the SGA President, member of the Art Club, member of FAITH, Judson Singers, and the captain of the soccer team. Kaylee is currently working on numerous works of art in both painting and drawing for her senior thesis exhibition.

These are the Delta Psi officers for the Judson College chapter. I hope this helps you know our officers and how active we are in campus life!

-April Brown

Park Like A Queen

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Our second Fundraising Event of the year was a silent bidding war for our Chapter Sponsor, Dr. Betty Campbell’s Parking Space. Dr. Betty is known as “Queen Dr. Betty” and has one of the finest parking spots on campus, luckily for us she is willingly giving up her space for a month for us to raise money! Fortunate for us Kandace Shoults won her space! So far we have yet to see her actually park her car there, but we did find a small scooter the other day… I wonder what will be parked there as the month goes on!


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